The Secret garden

"splendid direction by the Swedish director, Tereza Andersson. Andersson has chosen to emphasize the dark side of the tale, using incredibly suggestive and right-on projections that set the mood for happenings"
-The Daily Gazette
"A lot of the credit for this success goes to the director Tereza Andersson. She does not flinch from the seriousness of the story, yet she does find the sense of optimism and hope that exists throughout. I admire the fact that she does this without being cloying or finding artificial sentimentality in the work. she trusts her audience, both young and old, to be able to handle the serious themes of life and death, rejection and rejuvenation. She sees the play with an uncompromising vision."
- The Record
"The telling from the outside, is Ibsen gone high-tech, and it works. Andersson favors an overtly theatrical style that has more to do with making points than it does with suspending disbelief. She isn´t asking the audience to lose themselves in her maze of technical effects so much as follow her through her own vision of a familiar yarn. She makes her art and that is that."
- Timesunion


Lucy Simon
Marsha Norman

Director Tereza Andersson

Setdesigner/projectiondesigner Jason Ardizzone-West
Lightingdesigner Andrew Ostrowski
Costumedesigner Robert Anton
Sounddesigner Dan Andersson

Scen New York State Theatre Institute